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Security Grill Doors Melbourne -

We have been established in wrought iron gates and steel fabrication for over 20 years. Our quality workmanship has been passed on from generation to generation. We can help you with a wide range of products.

Security Grill Doors Melbourne

Security Grill Doors Melbourne

Safety and security of oneself and one’s belonging is the top most priority in today’s world. Keep yourself safe by installing superior grade security grill doors in Melbourne.  When it comes to doors and gates, it is said that, the stronger it is better security you will get from the grill doors in the long run. So, if you are looking forward to install a new security grill doors in Melbourne at the entrance of your house, office or if you are simply looking for some extra security, then opt for security grill doors available here in Melbourne.

Security is a crucial factor and is extremely important for anyone. So if you have security grill doors, installed in your home, then it will not only provide an enhancing visual but also provide a physical deterrent to any criminal offense who might be thinking of breaking into your home or property. Not only just security, these grills also help to reduce vandalism occurring to a store or any other business place. Hence installing these doors can make it extremely difficult for thieves or criminals to deface your building or spoil your property. Thus protect your property easily without any extra maintenance cost by installing well defined security grill doors in Melbourne.

The security grill doors in Melbourne available here at Dandenong wrought iron & steel fabricators Pty Ltd are made using either wrought iron or steel. The raw materials used are of superior grade and are acknowledged by the clients for meeting the industrial set standards.

The design of the products is endless. We can build to your design or ours.
We then make a time to come out to your residence and measure

  • Custom-made to customer requirements.
  • Bars are centralized and welded in the middle of the frame to give the door the same appearance on either side. This will also make for a stronger gate
  • We use a variety of steel and tube
  • There are many variations with use hot forged scrolls , cold scroll, twisted bars, baskets, wrought iron components etc
  • We use high quality lock and handles
  • There is a wide variety of fly wire/perforated sheet.
  • Security grill doors is individually gone through our six stage finished process includes grinding, chipping , sanding before and after the galvanizing process to give you a quality finish prior to powder coating.
  • We also install Security grill doors in Melbourne.


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